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"Ski Congress" Commemorative Poster

The "Ski Congress" commemorativeposter is a 12"x 30" Jill Kiinmont watercolor that is painted over the pencil sketch of a photograph of Dave McCoy and Toni Milici skiing on McGee Mountain in the late 1940s. The poster was designed for the International Ski History Congress held at Mammoth in 2009 and a copy was gifted to each participant.


At the congress, ski historians from around the world presented on subjects as varied as  the history of women skiing the Eastern Sierra backcountry presented by local skier Sydney Quinn to Nils Larson discussing his film "Skiing in the Shadow of Genghis Khan" wherein Nils documents the centuries-old use of skis in the Altai Mountains of Northwest China.


Besides presentations, congress participants enjoyed skiing on Mammoth Mountain, watching historical ski films, viewing a local Native American hoop dance, and ski racing on longboards simulating pioneer longboard skiing in Plumas County, the birthplace of ski racing and ski clubs in America dating back to the 1850's.


To create the poster, an original photo of Dave McCoy and Toni Milici spring skiing together on McGee Mountain in the late 1940s was extended to include the surrounding landscape of Long Valley and Crowley Lake by photoshopping a a wide angled photo to the original. Jill Kinmont offered to watercolor the poster including local wildflowers (lupine, mules ear, fireweed). Since she was unable to paint on photo paper, Ron Luce (Bishop Art Supply)  sketched the image on onto water color paper and Jill went to work! 


"Ski Congress" Commemorative Poster

  • "2009 International Ski History Congress, Mammoth Lakes",  signed by Jill Kinmont.

    A "Spirit of Skiing" patch was also designed for the congress. There are a limited number remaining that will be gifted to the first people who purchase the "Ski Congress" poster.

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